Processing technology / equipment

We will make customer's requests into shape with abundant processing equipment,
many years of know-how and technical capabilities.


We can do all kinds of cutting. We have wire cutting, laser cutting, and the ultimate cutting water jet processing machine.Details of cutting processing equipment

Sheet metal processing

We have a wide range of sheet metal processing technologies, from machine processing to minute processing (tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, etc.) by craftsmen's craftsmanship, to meet your needs.Details of sheet metal processing equipment

Press processing

  • We are able to press deep drawing of large parts with our unique know-how and technology (tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, etc.). Various other materials and shapes can be pressed.Details of press processing equipment


We process small lots / mass-produced products using general-purpose machines and NC processing machines.Details of machining equipment


We can also weld tungsten products that are not suitable for atmospheric welding without touching the atmosphere by using our proprietary welding equipment.Details of welding processing equipment

Cleaning / surface treatment

Cleaning with acid, alkali, organic solvent, and ultrapure water is possible. Surface treatment by hydrogen reduction is also possible.Details of cleaning equipment

Clean room

Owns a class 10,000 clean room. In the clean room, we carry out cleaning, inspection, and packaging work for vacuum evaporation materials and semiconductor-related materials.Details of cleaning equipment

Design / Analysis

In addition to many years of experience and knowledge, we utilize the latest technology and tools such as 3D CAD, thermal analysis, and structural analysis to establish a design system that allows total coordination of the entire device.

AutoCAD is used for 2D CAD, and a team is building a system for efficient design. SolidWorks is also used in 3D CAD for validation.

SolidWorks Flow Simulation is used for structural analysis, thermal analysis, etc. to verify heat conduction and fluid.

Examples of Products and Processing Vacuum Furnaces and Furnace parts
Evaporation boat catalog

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