Particle getter®

Suggestions for reducing particles

In film formation by vapor deposition and sputtering, particles adhere not only to the target but also to the mask and shield inside the device.

As the deposited film thickness increases, the risk of film peeling increases, and the peeled pieces become particles.

Schematic diagram of the device

The PG (Particle Getter) sheet is a copper plate that has been specially processed to suppress the peeling of the film that has adhered to the inside of the equipment. Particle getter ® has a unique surface condition and excellent stress relaxation of the adhered film to suppress peeling and reduce particles.

Erosion area comparison

Without PG

After installing PG

Surface comparison after film formation

Before film formation

After film formation

By Particle getter®Particle countermeasures
You can download a PDF with detailed explanations.

※Particle getter® is a registered trademark (No. 3043952) of Sunric Co., Ltd.

Information on PG sheet

We propose the thickness and shape of the PG sheet that is suitable for the adhesion material, equipment shape, required strength, and elongation.

70μ embossing
t = 0.22mm

140μ softening embossing
t = 0.57mm

210μ flat
t = 0.22mm

210μ embossing
t = 0.85mm

Delivery form

We can handle installation processing for parts inside the equipment (spot welding, screwing, wire fixing, bending, double-sided tape), die-cutting sheets, sheet rolls, and the required delivery form.

Processing example: Spot welding

Processing example: Spot welding

Processing example: Spot welding

Processing example: Spot welding

Processing example: screwing

Processing example: Double-sided tape


Die cutting sheet

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