Quality control / support

From consultation to after-sales support

Not only will we assist you in determining specifications based on the details of your consultation, but our specialized staff in design, production technology, production management, manufacturing, and quality assurance will also respond to your situation. In some cases, we will contact you directly to respond.

Utilizing the one-stop system, we support customers with a wide range of knowledge and know-how from the initial consultation stage to after-sales follow-up.

  • Design / Technical consultation

    We will design and propose various improvements including new items.

  • Field survey

    As the first step in achieving the required quality, we will carry out necessary field surveys.

  • Investigation related to various phenomena

    We also cooperate in technical research for phenomena that are difficult to isolate.

  • Consultation on supply method

    We will respond to inquiries regarding delivery times and supply methods.

Examples of Products and Processing Vacuum Furnaces and Furnace parts
Evaporation boat catalog

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We will respond flexibly to customer's request. Please feel free to contact us.

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